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MSDWE35GGCGreen Gas magazine, Chrome, for WE Model 35 gas blowback.$31.00
MSDWE45GGTSD Tactical Hi-Capa 4.5 M1911 15 Round Magazine$31.00
MSDWE45LGGTSD/WE M1911-45 Gas Magazine with Base Pad$31.00
MSDWEM9TSD/WE M9 GBB Magazine$32.00
MSDGPM9TSD M9X Spare Magazine for M9 GBB.$32.00
MUG172TSD Tactical UHC UG172 36 Round Magazine$34.00
MSDG166Magazine for TSD/HFC Model M166$34.00
MSDGGMFA9HFC/TSD Tactical M190 Series 25 Round Magazine$36.00
MSDWE45GGCTSD/WE M1911 15 Round Magazine$38.00
MSDWE45LGGCTSD/WE M1911, 15 Round Single Stack Magazine, silver finish with Extended Bumper Pad Base$38.00
MSDCBP601Magazine for TSD 601 CO2 Blowback Pistol Series.$40.00
MSDWEM9CTSD/WE M9 GBB Silver Magazine$40.00