ImageSKUNamesort iconMSRP
MSDGPM9TSD M9X Spare Magazine for M9 GBB.$32.00
MUG131Spare Shells for UHC Gas Revolver$10.00
MUG134Spare Shells for UHC Gas Revolver$10.00
MSDWE08Spare magazine for WE-P08 series GBB$45.00
MSDWE08SSpare magazine for WE-P08 series GBB$54.00
MSDWEM100Spare magazine for WE M14 SDWEM100WD gas blowback rifle. $65.00
MSDWE74UGGSpare Magazine for WE 74U SDWE74UBK Gas Blow Back Rifle.$40.00
MSDWEPMCGGSpare Magazine for the WE AK PMC SDWEPMCBK Gas Blow Back Rifle.$55.00
MSDG132Metal Shells for G131, 132 & 133 Gas Revolvers$20.00
MSDCNR701Metal Shells for all model CNR 701, 702, 703 and 708$20.00
MSDG166Magazine for TSD/HFC Model M166$34.00
MSDCBP601Magazine for TSD 601 CO2 Blowback Pistol Series.$40.00